When my father brought these cloths he still didn't know me
Action on a public space
5 cloths bought in Congo in 1971
1 photographic camera with a 50mm lens

This action was made after an invitation of the Curator Antonia Gaeta

Curatorial Clube is an exhibition space where curators invite artists to perform an action in public space.
This action is registered photographically in a specific format and presented with an descriptive text.
The curatorial space in question is the framing of a 50 mm lens or equivalent.
The actions take place and are recorded without the presence of public specifically for the occasion.
Curatorial Clube is project founded by Bruno Leitão from an idea of Bruno Leitão and Marlon de Azambuja
From 1969 to 1971 my father was in the Maiombe forest, Cabinda, during the Overseas War. In June 1971 he, and some soldiers of his company, entered ilegally in Congo to buy some gifts before returning for good to Lisboa.
Despite the colonial war ended in 1974, Cabinda seems to be a non-subject in Portugal. The territory was a portuguese protectorate from 1885 to 1975. Cabinda was never part of Angola nor has any common physical border. Nevertheless after the 25th of April of 1974 the MPLA took military control of the protectorate and made it one of its provinces. The interest is explained by the wealth in raw materials, especially in the petroleum production, that in 2010 represented around 70% of the exportation of angolan crude oil. The Front for the Liberation of the State of Cabinda still fights for the independence of this country.

I was only born in September 1972, and these were the cloths my father brought me (without knowing it yet).