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Jürgen Bock + Público (Centerfold) + Susana Mendes Silva
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a performance enquanto encontro íntimo

one to one performance, by Rachel Zerihan (2009)
Live Art Development Agency

a dois

Delicatesse at

The project is dedicated to editions created by Portuguese artists, illustrators and designers or related with Portugal. aims to collect information on the largest number of books and other printed objects, produced in the context of contemporary art.

documenta magazines
"What is Bare Life?" a discussion on the -empyre- network July 2006

Motel Coimbra

portrait of Eduarda Silva
for Salad Days/7 artistas ao 10º mês
a project by Susana Pomba

w.c. container
curated by paulo mendes
Alexandre Camarão, António Caramelo, Cristina Mateus, Susana Mendes Silva, 1999
Edifício Artes Em Partes, Porto

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