image by tamtam 8
image by tamtam 8
image Ming-Jiun Tsai
The Vistulas
B&W framed photograph and printed cronology of Vistula, a Danish steamer; postcard, USA, 1917; notebook with drawing and collage of Corylus Avellana 'Vistula'; colour digital photographs by Diniz Lopes and google map on Rue de La Vistule, Paris; colour digital prints about the asteroid 16689 Vistula and of the scanned file card of the insect Halpe vistula Evans 1937; "Old Jazz Road", 33 rpm record by Vistula River Brass Band; folded cotton top of Vistula knit by noa noa; b&w framed digital prints of Vistula Scott Shotwell (1876-1967); vertical piano and music score from La Vistule by Francis Poulenc; ipod with Huit Chansons Polonaises: La Vistule, Pascal Rogé and Urszula Kryger by Francis Poulenc (1899-1963); and descriptive labels of each object.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Jul 24th - Aug 15th , 2010
TAMTAM 8, Berlin
Curator: Ming-Jiun Tsai
Artists: Ting-Tong Chang / David Loom / Iva Kontic' / Xinyi Liu / Susana Mendes Silva

The Vistulas associates with the name of the street - Weichselstraße - where the exhibition venue TAMTAM 8 locates. The work demonstrates how ordinary materials appear to an artist and can be translated into an artwork becoming a significant occurrence.

Ming-Jiun Tsai