On the evenings of September 15, 16, 17 and 18 the artist presented the performance "X" in one of the rooms of MARZ Galeria.
Each performance was open to one person or in special cases, to two people should they already know each other or maintain a close relationship.
Each night four sessions was held with a duration of 25 min each.

- Schedule your appointment indicating the day and hour of your preference.
- Your appointment will be confirmed by the gallery.
- Please arrive on time.
- The artist will ask you to put a blindfold on. You may wear the one provided or bring your own.
- You will be asked to lie down so please bring comfortable clothes.
- The performance may be suspended at any time should the participant or artist feel discomfort.
- The performance will not be recorded.
- The participants may interact with the artist at any given moment.