Tu vois je suis Dieu
"Tu vois je suis Dieu" (You can see, I am God), is an installation that comprises xeroxed drawings on paper.
It was exhibited for the first time in 1999 in "Quarto interior" an exhibition curated by Paulo Mendes for W.C. Container in Oporto; and later in 2000 in the exhibition NonStopOpening organized by Nuno Alexandre Ferreira and Vasco Araújo at ZDB, Lisboa.
I started to work in "Tu vois je suis Dieu" by the time of the first referendum to the voluntary termination of pregnancy (1997). Still a student at the Fine Art School in Lisboa, I would often lunch at the "nuns" — a refectory run by catholic sisters with reasonable prices and a staggering view to the river Tagus. In one of those lunches I brought a little anti-abortion propaganda booklet titled "Don't kill little Joe". The edition contained almost grotesque illustrations and texts with a falsely didactic and rather absurd approach. At the same time I borrowed a japonese manga book and started to interwine the two universes creating stuations of logical, moral and ethical dilemmas. The title of the drawings "Tu vois je suis Dieu", is a phrase by Madame Edwarda of George Bataille, when she spreads her legs and shows to the narrator her vulva.