How to silence a poet
“Of me” - with Marta Rema and Susana Mendes Silva
3 of july, friday
9:30 pm
Rua das Gaivotas 6
Technical direction: Filipe Otero Pureza
Production direction: Andreia Páscoa
Photography: Alípio Padilha
Duration: 50 minutes

The performative reading “Of me” focused on the only modernist manifesto written by a Portuguese artist in which the writer Judith Teixeira defends herself from the attacks and criticisms she has been subjected to since 1923. It is unknown if this speech, in which Judith defends " maximum freedom" for all artists, was ever read in public and therefore we summoned the poet's phantasmatic presence. The curator Marta Rema read the conference and Susana played Valentine Saint Point and read the poems “Flores de Cactus” and “Ilusão” in the theater of Rua das Gaivotas 6.

Images by Alípio Padilha