by Susana Mendes Silva and Frans van Lent

28th of June, 10 PM
Hangar, Lisboa

Mnemonics is a cooperative research project of the artists Susana Mendes Silva and Frans van Lent.
The project started with the suggestion of a curator to contact each other, because of their related points of view. After their first meeting the artists decided to cooperate and that collaboration started with a repetition exercise:
They shared two identical car drives on two successive days. These meetings, as much alike as possible, led the artists to the subject of the construction and deconstruction of personal memories. How do memories lead to a journey and how does a journey lead to memories. The human mind as a fluidly changing field of encounters.

Photograph: Nuno Barroso
Thank you: Hangar, Filipa Oliveira, Nuno Alvarez, Tiliascoop