A bedtime story
In my performance or performative projects I was always very interested in exploring affection and intimacy, either as a live or media mediated practice. I find quite fascinating the process of approaching a person and also being approached by someone that participates in my performances. From my experience, in order to create an intimate moment, in a performance, one has to establish an empathic connection with the participant and be able to have a certain degree of self-disclosure and give a feeling of being trustworthy.
Usually bedtime stories are told to children before they sleep, and these are supposed to create a special moment that induces the child to fall asleep. There is always an emotional bond between these two persons and the stories always have a fictional or fantastical narrative.
I am interested in exploring the fictional aspect but also a dimension of enchantment and mystery that can happen when you are listening to a voice without a face. There is also a degree of mutual trust and discreetness, as the person to whom I am reading to can actually fall asleep. As the participant can interact with me at any moment and all is improvised (except the choice of the story), I can never guess the outcome of each performance because the story might just be a motive.