School TV
Video, PAL, B&W, sound
loop: 4'
Edition of 3

 1997 Toys are us (constrangimentos objectivos), Cisterna da FBAUL, Lisboa
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The title of the video refers to a learning method that was used in schools that wre distant from the centers of Portugal. The tv programs were recorded with the lessons, and later they were transmitted in RTP 2 during the 80's. It was a closed learning method, once the pupil had no possibility to interact with the teacher. However the teacher simulated that the pupils existed for him/her giving, for example, a time for the supposed answers. What happens in the video is that the language and method used in Tele Escola (School TV) were morphed with the method of a professor of the Fine Arts School (and whose character was and still is identifiable). The video was presented in the Fine Arts School of the University of Lisbon in the exhibition "Toys are us (objective constrains)".