Video, colour, silent
1' 40"
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Ivo Martins Collection (in deposit at the Serralves Foundation, Contemporary Art Museum, Porto)
Colecção Privada
The short video work "Polaroid" moves Susana Mendes Silva's explorations from the realm of detachment and disembodiment to dematerialization. A figure gradually but inexorably emerges from the pure white void of a developing photograph. Susana Mendes Silva seems to bleed into being, and it happens almost too quickly to savour the gorgeous exposure of colour and texture. We are inescapably left a step behind, struggling to grasp the exact moment when the image first forms, when it seems to be fully formed, and when it actually is. At the end, we are denied eye contact with the figure, and, in a way, the void remains

James Westcott, "Disembodied Fragments"
in Life-cage, catalogue of the exhibition, Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art